Susan May

…is intrinsic design’s creative director. Susan holds a B.A. with distinction from the University of Alberta with a Major in Visual Communication Design.

Among positions she has held in a variety of marketing and communication firms, Susan spent 5 years as an art director with Canada’s largest out-of-home media provider. With lots of experience seeing the “big picture”, she now brings that insight to large and small jobs alike.

From initial encounter, to refining creative, through to implementation, Susan works with you to make the creative process a pleasure.

Jason Switner

…is intrinsic design’s resident wordsmith. Jason has a B.A. from the University of Alberta with a major in English, a Radio Broadcasting diploma, and has also taken specialized courses in editing and proofreading.

So yes, he’s got credentials. But what Jason truly brings to the table is an ability to create copy that springs off the page (or screen, or billboard, or radio script…) and takes up residence in the viewer’s (or listener’s) head. He writes for the mind, the heart and often the funny bone.