Cllr. Esslinger Website

Website for Councillor Bev Esslinger


We were proud to spearhead marketing and outreach materials for Edmonton City Councillor Bev Esslinger’s successful election campaign in 2013. 


Once in office, we were asked to create a CMS website and blog. We planned, wrote content for, and built a conduit for Cllr. Esslinger to communicate (in both directions) with her constituents in Ward 2. We also set up a complementary e-newsletter for her and her staff to manage in-house. 


TreeTime Services Website

Design of a new corporate identity complete with artwork for a client-driven .php website.


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Praire Design Awards

The Alberta Association of Architects (AAA)

The AAA  in cooperation with the Saskatchewan Association of Architects and Manitoba Association of Architects commissioned us to create an identity and online gallery for these prestigious awards. The design was intentionally kept quite austere to showcase the work of these world-class architects and designers. 


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Crust Craft

This website, designed for an industrial bakery, creatively uses a variety of interactive content sliders instead of a traditional two-tier menu system. We also coordinated and art directed the photography for this site, shooting new images to match their existing stock, and adding lifestyle shots to appeal to their extensive range of buyers.


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Aquilon Consulting


Creation of a CMS website for Aquilon Consulting. A clean, yet highly functional super nav was used to manage the extensive library of scientific materials produced by this prolific team. 

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