Support Urban Nature

There are so many ways to support nature, even in an urban environment! Opportunities to foster good stewardship practices exist everywhere, especially in our urban spaces where nature could use some extra help to thrive.



Keep Cats Safe and Save Bird Lives

This initiative seeks to keep both pet cats and birds safe. Cats that are allowed to roam
unsupervised face many dangers to themselves and cause the death of millions of birds
each year.

Nature Alberta Publications


Urban Nature Initiative (UNI)

You can protect nature in your own backyard. Supporting Nature and Biodiversity in
Urban Yards shows you how, with tips and resources to attract pollinators, landscape
for biodiversity, live with urban wildlife, and more.


NatureScape Alberta

In NatureScape Alberta: Creating and Caring for Wildlife Habitat at Home, biologists Myrna Pearman and Ted Pike give you a step-by-step guide to inviting living creatures into your world. Order your copy in the Nature Alberta Online Store.

External Resources


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Composting – City of Edmonton

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Invasive Species

Alberta Invasive Species Council


Citizen Science

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Amphibians – Alberta Conservation Association

Bats – Alberta Community Bat Program (Bat Box Monitoring)

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Nature Alberta's 50th Anniversary


In celebration of Nature Alberta’s 50th Anniversary year, through April 2021, Individual Nature Alberta Lifetime Memberships are only $10! Nature needs our help now more than ever — and there’s never been a better time to show your support!

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